hey u,
hehe... all i ever wanted to tell is i have crush on u !
u noe dat ?
ur pic always running in my head..haha
not just ur pic, but the way u look at me and after dat u 'jeling' at me.. sweet boy..(im such a crazy rite now)..hurmm..

but, i will never let u noe dat im crush on u..
juz let only i noe it and some of my frens..kahkah..( x secret lah mano dh la)..
but pliz fren dun let him noe...
so ashame laaaa if he noes..

i think he has a gf..
so, wateva la.. i juz crush on him..kan kan??...haha

ok so wateva la...
so relief when i write this on my blog..

- crush.crush.crush.crush-


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