Salam guys.....(slalu trtanya2 ada org ke x org tgk my blog ni....owh ok..syok sndri)..

1st of all, sy berblog di dlm kdai @ pjabat tmpt sy berpraktikal...
akibat kebosanan krn berjaya mnyudahkn tugas tuk arini.(nekad nk abis kn dlu then bru on9)..hehe..
pkir punya pikir punya pikir nk wt entri apa...then tringatlah seseorg iaitu my scandalleous..he is PRINCE WILLIAM...haha..
sy igt sy je dlm ati die..(kekoyaan terlampau) KATE MIDDLETON di hati beliau.. sob3..
btw, im happy for them.. :)

they're plan to get married this year...OMG..!!!..
for 8 years kate tunggu die..(x pasal2 dpt gelaran 'waity katy')last2 taun ni plan nk kawen..bgus2...
but im frustated lol..haha...

org bilang kate ni mcm bayangan PRINCESS DIANA...
style die dianggap ada iras2...
time 1st time kate memberi ucapan..mmg org terpegun tgk dieerrrrr....dgn style die..bju die...perfect lah!
harap2 lah she's get the PRINCESS DIANA style way...
berjiwa rkyat gtu....x mau sombong2 tawww...x baik utk kesihatan gg yang rapuh..huhu
tp tgk muka waity katy ni pn cam lembut je orgnye...
die pn rasa2 nye org biasa je...xda pertalian d'raja...RASANYA LAA...

- kt bwh ni ialah sdkit sbnyk ttg love story dieorg -

SEPTEMBER 2001: Prince William and Kate Middleton meet at St Andrews University

MARCH 2002: William pays £200 to watch Kate modelling a sheer black lace dress in a fashion show

CHRISTMAS 2003: Rumours abound that the pair have started dating

MARCH 2004: The romance is exposed after they are pictured on the ski slopes of Klosters together

JULY 2005: The pair enjoy a romantic holiday at the Lewa Downs game reserve in Kenya

JANUARY 2006: William is photographed kissing Kate in public for the first time during a skiing break in Klosters

DECEMBER 2006: Kate makes her most significant appearance to date as she turns up to watch William graduate as an Army officer at Sandhurst

APRIL 2007: William and Kate are confirmed to have split but they secretly reunite within weeks

OCTOBER 2007: The couple are pictured back together for the first time

APRIL 2008: Kate is at William's graduation ceremony from the RAF, suggesting the couple's relationship is now permanent and has the approval of senior royals

JANUARY 2010: Kate watches as William graduates on an advanced helicopter training course and receives his flying badge from the Prince of Wales

FEBRUARY 2010: William says 'You'll have to wait a while yet' when asked about the prospect of a wedding

OCTOBER 2010: The couple are pictured in public together at a friend's wedding, sending speculation of an engagement to fever pitch

NOVEMBER 16: The couple's engagement is announced by Clarence House.

- ni gmbr dieorg yg sweet couple - (spatotnya aku kat tepi prince tuh!)

-ehh silap ni bkn dieorg..hehe..-

sweet kan??..hehe...
smga mereka berbahagia...
jgn mngulangi sejarah dlu ok...


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