i feel i want to dance right now
dancing in the moon light
dancing in the prodigious jungle

oh world
i want to say that i feel so happy
happy without any words to describe
im continuing dance

the music is playing only in my mind
my steps following the music
my soul also dance happily
without anyone know
dont look at me
while im dancing

the moon light so sparkling
like be a spot light

the butterflies also following my steps
mybe they are also feel my soul

i hope,
i pray,
i want,
i can dance forever
dance without people know
without people listen my music

tell the world,
i feel want to dance with somebody who loves me ..

salam u'ollsssss...auww gedik gtuw..
hmm...sambil mnunggu sesuatu tgh downloading,baik sy mnconteng sesuatu d blog ini..hihi..

*skrg sdang mengidam air nescafe buatan sndri*

aritu pnah bca kat majalah remaja utk edisi brape ntah x igt..
pastu terpandang la satu ruangan ape ntah tjuk die 'anda blog utk apa' <-- cam lain je tjuk ni ngan tjuk dlm mjlah tu... arrhh x kesah la...meaning same kot..haha

terdetik d hati nk jwb pertanyaan tu kat sni plak..

bg sy, sy berblog adalah utk share sesuatu sdkt sbnyk psl dri sy.. yg xleh nk taip pnjang2 kt FB..hehe
actually x mnarik pn blog ni..hee~ sje utk kepuasan dri sndri..kpd yg follow, thanx a lot.. mmuuaahh !!
tp ade jgk kn org wat blog sbb nk tnjuk pndai..?? hehe.. mengata org stu sni.. x baik taww... nobody's perfect..
oopppssss jgn trasa plak u'oollss yg bace statement ni.. : p

agk sronok bile x knal seseorg tu then kite bleh bace apa yg die post kn kat blog..
sdkt sbnyk kite bleh mengenali mereka..
kdg2 post yg happy2 pn dpt d rasakan bersama...
share the happiness..hehe... cadburry..
bkn hapy je kot, klau ade yg post tacim2 pn mcm tersentuh jgk la..

hmm.. sdh terjwb mengapa sy berblog...
slmt berblog kpd blogger :)


in our memories...Allahyarhamah Yus Akmal bt Ab Rahim..15th April 1990 - 23th April 2011...
Semoga rohnya d cucuri rhmat dan d tmpat kan dlm kalangan org2 yg beriman..aminn

i start to love Taylor swift... she make me fall in love with her smooth songs...
this is the one i love..

Miss Invisible - Taylor swift

There's a girl
Who sits under the bleachers
Just another day eating alone
And though she smiles
There is something just hiding
And she cant find a way to relate
She just goes unnoticed
As the crowd passes by
And she'll pretend to be busy
When inside she just wants to cry
She'll say...

Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little harder, I really really want you to put yourself in her shoes
Take another look at the face of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little closer and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day
When you'll ask her her name

The beginning, in the first weeks of class
She did everything to try and fit in
But the others they couldn't seem to get past all the things that mismatched on the surface
And she would close her eyes when they left and as she fell down the stairs
And the more that they joked
And the more that they screamed
She retreated to where she is now
And she'll sing...

Take a little look at the life of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little harder I really, really want you to put yourself in her shoes, yeah, yeah
Take a little look at the face of Miss Always Invisible
Look a little closer and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day that
you will ask her name

Then one day, just the same as the last
Just, the days been in counting the time
Came a boy, that sat under the bleachers just a little bit further behind...

Salam... hihi.. what a lovely day.. :) but im just at home.. very boring... uhuk2!!

actually i have not write on this blog for so long maybe.. buzy kot.. hee

pening pkir pasal sistem.. smpai terbawak ke alam mimpi.. huhh hebat btul penangan sistem ni..

tp dlm kesibukan itu, fb tetap difokuskan.. bkn ape.. i think system n fb are sticking together lol..haha..

i have tried to deactive the facebook and give all my attention to the system..but i cant..oh god.haha..

ok la kan..haha..ok ape?? i pn tau.. pakai sebut je yg mane terlintas.. aarrgghhh penim2..


dat's all for this chaos entry..